About us

Agronstar is an industry-leading ODM and OEM factory based in China providing specialised manufacturing for the top 5 grow light brands in the U.S. We have distributed high-performance lighting products to leading corporate brands that have white labeled everything from our LED lighting fixtures, and master controllers to our reflectors, ballasts, fans and more.

We manufacture and export a wide range of grow light products to distributors and farmers across the United States, Canada, and Europe, helping them increase their productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Our Value:
By working with us directly, you'll receive the latest cutting-edge technology and competitely priced. Our products are no longer being marked up by North American or European brands, low MOQs are available.

Our Goal:
Supporting our customers and partners in growing smarter, better, and more profitably by leveraging data, science and technology to provide you with the best smart lighting solutions.