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HighGrow HPS Grow Light - 600

HighGrow HPS Grow Light - 600

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- Smart Ignition Control

- Soft Start

- Re-Strike of Hot Lamp

- Automatic Frequency Adjustment 

- Full Circuit Protection Indicator 

- RF Shielding




   (L x W x T)

   53 cm x 23.85 cm x 13.28 cm

   20.9 in x 9.4 in x 5.2 in

   Net Weight


   Gross Weight



   Light Source

   HPS 600W Lamp

  Input Voltage

  (Different Ballast Resistor) 

   200-240V AC

   400V AC

   Input Frequency




   Power Factor (Full Load) 



   ALMECO Vega & Alanod MIRO® 

   Operation Temperature


   Relative Humidity


  Lamp Physical
   Maximum Overall Length       285mm 
   Light Center Length   
   Max Bulb Diameter   
   Maximum Bulb Temperature    
   Bulb Designation   
   Bulb Material   
   Borosilicate (Hard Glass)  
   Arc Tube Material   
   Bulb Finish  
   Lamp Electrical Characteristics
   Nominal Lamp Wattage    600W 

   Nominal Lamp Voltage

   (Power Supply 380V)  

   Nominal Lamp Current   
   Lamp Performance

   Initial Lumens at Rated Watts

   after 100 Hours Operation   

   Rated Average Life 
   Warm Up Time   
   Correlated Color Temperature
   Color Rendering Index   
   Operating Position   
   PAR Value (380-780nm)  

Spectrum Range: 380nm-780nm



AS HG-HPS-600 SpecSheet.pdf

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