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PowerGrow LED Grow Light - 200

PowerGrow LED Grow Light - 200

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Agronstar LED Grow Lights are intended to be used in greenhouses and indoor growing environments. With full spectrum, they are suitable for any growth stages from seeding to blooming. With SMD chips and drivers from leading brand and manufacturers, compared to traditional HID lamps, they have more than 50% PPFD higher and more than 40% energy saving. Good water resistance enables the product to be used in wet environments. Ultra Slim Design/Foldable Design contributes transportation saving. Fanless, zero noise, they have professional applications for commercial and hobby planting. Having a variety of strict certifications and withstanding stringent reliability tests, Agronstar Lighting provides products with the latest technology and good quality.





   118 cm x 58.5 cm x 8 cm

   46.5 in x 23.0 in x 3.1 in

   Net Weight

   7.5 kg/16.5 lb

   Gross Weight




   Light Source



   Full Spectrum


   480 umol/s

   Input Voltage


   Input Power






   Mounting Height

   ≥ 6" (15.2cm) Above Canopy

   Thermal Management





   0-10V Signal or Knob

   Beam Angle

   120 degree

   Power Factor


   Diodes Brand

   Samsung + Osram/Cree

   Drivers Brand


   Waterproof rating


   Operation Temperature

   -20°C – 45°C

   Operation Humidity

   10%-95% RH

   Storage Temperature

   -20°C – 80°C

   Storage Humidity

   10%-95% RH



   Warranty Time

   5 years

60CM丨4x2 Footprint

Average PPFD=238

Wavelength(NM)-Full Spectrum


Installation Tips and Safety warning:

- Always adhere to the local rules and regulations when installing or using the fixture.

- Mounting and installation of the LED fixture may only be executed by certified service personnel.

- Wearing gloves and glasses during installation.

- Always remember disconnect power at installing and maintenance.

- Buyers must make adjustments based on plant requirements and current conditions.

- Do not open or disassemble the fixture. It contains no serviceable parts inside.

- To protect your eyes, avoid looking directly at the unshielded LED diodes.

- Do not touch the LED diodes anytime.

- Keep this product away from children.

- The fixture will get hot during it turns on. Do not touch while lights turn on.

- Always allow at least 10 minutes for cooling down before handling.

- Do not plug this product in wrong input voltages.

- Do not use it when the power cord or plug is damaged.

- Do not use it when the fixture has been dropped, or the enclosure or bars are damaged.



AS PG-200 SpecSheet.pdf

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