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PowerGrow IR&UV LED Grow Light - 800

PowerGrow IR&UV LED Grow Light - 800

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- Extra IR&UV bars for higher yield.

- Ultraviolet(<400nm) & Far-red/infrared (>700nm).

- Multiple spectrum built-in one light.





   119 cm x 112 cm x 8 cm

   46.9 in x 44.1 in x 3.1 in

   Net Weight

   18 kg/39.7 lb

   Gross Weight

   22 kg/48.5 lb



   Light Source



   Full Spectrum


   2000 umol/s

   Input Voltage


   Input Power






   Mounting Height

   ≥ 6" (15.2cm) Above Canopy

   Thermal Management





   0-10V Signal or Knob

   Beam Angle

   120 degree

   Power Factor


   Diodes Brand

   Samsung + Osram/Cree

   Drivers Brand


   Waterproof rating


   Operation Temperature

   -20°C – 45°C

   Operation Humidity

   10%-95% RH

   Storage Temperature

   -20°C – 80°C

   Storage Humidity

   10%-95% RH



   Warranty Time

   5 years

60CM丨4x4 Footprint

Average PPFD=855

Multiple Spectrum Built-in One Light


Installation Tips and Safety warning:

- Always adhere to the local rules and regulations when installing or using the fixture.

- Mounting and installation of the LED fixture may only be executed by certified service personnel.

- Wearing gloves and glasses during installation.

- Always remember disconnect power at installing and maintenance.

- Buyers must make adjustments based on plant requirements and current conditions.

- Do not open or disassemble the fixture. It contains no serviceable parts inside.

- To protect your eyes, avoid looking directly at the unshielded LED diodes.

- Do not touch the LED diodes anytime.

- Keep this product away from children.

- The fixture will get hot during it turns on. Do not touch while lights turn on.

- Always allow at least 10 minutes for cooling down before handling.

- Do not plug this product in wrong input voltages.

- Do not use it when the power cord or plug is damaged.

- Do not use it when the fixture has been dropped, or the enclosure or bars are damaged.



AS PG-IU-800 SpecSheet.pdf

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